Learn what's important about our THERA Nordic brand

About us

What's important to us?

Our Vision

To help people live a more peaceful life through improved gut health.

Our Mission

We consciously develop our products using ingredients that we would be happy to give to a  loved family member. Our goal is to help educate people to support them on their personal gut health journey.

Honesty & Quality

Our Values

Honesty is so important for us. Being honest about everything that we put into our products, and being open and transparent with our customers and companies we work with.

Quality of our products is vital. THERA Nordic is born out of our personal journeys and passion for improving people’s lives through better gut health. Too many products make compromises on the quality of the products for a range of reasons. That’s a compromise that we’ll never make.

Who we are

About THERA Nordic

THERA Nordic is a next generation gut health company. We design products that deliver what they promise. Our products will never contain unnecessary fillers and contain only the highest quality functional ingredients.

We'll always give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with any product.

We provide both the products and the education around how to get the most out of our unique supplements.

Our products are:

High quality manufacturing

  • Manufactured in GMP compliant facilities in the UK.
  • Laboratory tested to ensure final product and ingredients meet exceptional standards

Joni & Emma

The faces behind the brand

THERA Nordic founder

Joni Laiho

Joni has worked in the nutritional supplement industry for over 15 years and designed over 100 high-performing supplements. He is the founder of the largest superfoods & supplement brand in Scandinavia.

Originally starting his career in gut health products when he needed to find a way to help a loved one overcome a serious gut illness. Seeing the real-life efficacy of high quality supplements set him on the path to producing the best possible formulations, which he now does under his THERA Nordic brand.

THERA Nordic co-founder

Emma Cannings

Emma has dedicated over two decades to the health and wellness sector. Her deep understanding of nutrition and wider interest in overall health led her to focus heavily on the connection between the gut and overall well-being. Much of her drive also comes from a lifetime of struggling with gut issues. As a teenager in the 1990’s there seemed very little awareness of gut issues and very few options available. So, a significant amount of her personal learning has been developed in navigating a complex landscape to help fix her own gut health problems.

This passion ultimately inspired her collaboration with Joni to establish THERA Nordic UK. Emma is a huge advocate for their product range, REZCUE and Triple HCL in particular, not just because of the impact that they are demonstrably having on so many people’s lives, but because they finally resolved the issues that she had been struggling with for so many decades.