All the products and instructions you need to tackle your constipation in just 28 days.

Chronic Constipation: 28-day course

Joni Laiho (THERA Nordic co-founder)

How the course works?

If you suffer with occasional constipation we first recommend you to give Move a try.

If your constipation is chronic, this 28-day course will help you activate the natural bowel movements and keep them regular.

In week 1 we start with detoxifying the bowel with Move. Building on this foundation we then add a high quality prebiotic fibre to nourish the gut microbiome and support natural regularity.

The final step is to give the digestion itself a boost by strengthening the stomach acids and enzymatic activity. All these work towards reinstating the normal bowel movements.

Week 1: Relief

Week 1 is focussed on relieving the constipation using Move.

Move is a natural and gentle way to effectively detox the gut and stimulate healthy bowel movements.

What to do this week

  • Take 2 to 4 capsule with water before bedtime.
  • Increase the nightly dose until desired bowel movement is achieved.
  • Try to drink one extra litre of water each day

Week 2: Balancing

In week 2 we'll start to address the underlying issues by introducing a high quality fibre.

What to do this week

  • Only continue to take Move if you are still constipated.
  • Mix one scoop of Daily Healthy Bowel into smoothies, juice, yogurt, porridge, drinks or food.
  • Take up to 3 scoops per day. 
  • Continue to drink one extra litre of water each day.

Week 3: Strengthening

In week three we'll supercharge your digestion by strengthening your stomach acid with Triple HCL*.

What to do this week

  • Continue taking the Daily Healthy Bowel and drinking the extra water as you did in week 2.
  • Take 1 Triple HCL capsule with a smaller meal.
  • Take 2 Triple HCL capsules if the meal is higher in protein and/or fat.

Please note, Triple HCL is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians. Click the option below to see the alternative instructions on how to use Optimized Enzymes instead.

Week 4: Consolidating

In the final week it's just about maintaining the habits that you've built up so far.

What to do this week

  • Continue with the same routine as week 3.
  • You could try dropping Triple HCL with lighter meals to see how you get on.