All the products and instructions you need to tackle your heartburn & indigestion in just 28 days.

Heartburn & Indigestion: 28-day course

Joni Laiho (THERA Nordic co-founder)

How the course works?

There is always a degree of inflammation associated with heartburn. This is why our first step in the course is calming the stomach and gut lining. Soothing the inflammation and irritation in the stomach and intestine enables proper digestion.

Incomplete and slow digestion is one cause for acid reflux. On week two we add a complete set of digestive enzymes to help digest and absorb the food. This accelerates the digestion and helps with digestion of nutrients. We also add a gentle prebiotic fiber to support the good bacteria in the gut.

After calming and supporting the stomach, we will start strengthening the production of stomach acid to its natural level at weeks three and four.

Week 1: Calming

In the first week we will start by introducing REZCUE to heal and repair any underlying gut issues.

What to do this week

  • Mix one scoop (2.5g) of powder into cold or warm liquid and take twice daily, in the morning and in the evening.
  • REZCUE works best taken in empty stomach, but if you feel any discomfort you can take it with small amount of food as well.

Week 2: Supporting

In week 2 we'll support your digestion with a digestive enzyme as well as boosting your fibre.

What to do this week

  • Continue taking the REZCUE as you did in week 1
  • Take one Optimized Enzymes capsule three times a day with a meal.
  • Add one scoop of Daily Healthy Bowel into your drinks or food three times per day

Week 3: Strengthening

In week three we'll supercharge your digestion by strengthening your stomach acid with Triple HCL*.

What to do this week

  • Continue taking the REZCUE, Optimized Enzymes and Daily Healthy Bowel as you did in week 2.
  • Take 1 Triple HCL capsule with a smaller meal.
  • Take 2 Triple HCL capsules if the meal is higher in protein and/or fat.

Please note, Triple HCL is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians so stick with the week 2 plan for this week. Optimized Enzymes are still a great way to supercharge your digestion!

Week 4: Consolidating

In the final week it's just about maintaining the habits that you've built up so far.

What to do this week

  • Continue with the same routine as week 3.
  • You could try dropping Triple HCL with lighter meals to see how you get on.
  • You can also try taking two Optimized Enzymes capsules can also be taken on an empty stomach before bed for additional benefits.