How does our Gut Health Quiz work?

How does our Gut Health Quiz work?

In this article will give you an overview of how our gut health quiz helps find the right products for you, and why we ask the questions that we do. If you haven't taken the quiz yet, it only takes about 30 seconds to complete and can be a great way to start your gut health journey with THERA Nordic.

The gut health quiz is based on 5 simple questions, so let's look at each of those so you understand why we ask them.

1. Understanding any symptoms you might be experiencing

The first question asks whether you suffer from any of the most common symptoms related to gut health; bloating & gas, heartburn & indigestion and / or constipation. This helps signpost us towards the most likely combination of our products that might help you. For example, Move is a great product for anyone suffering with constipation (so that's an easy recommendation!). Some of the other recommendations are a little more complex, and based on some of your later answers too. 

Even if you are not experiencing symptoms, later questions can still flag up issues that would help with our recommendations.

2. Asking about post-meal bloating

This question certainly overlaps with the "bloating & gas" symptom from the first question. But it helps us tailor our recommendations a little more if we know that you feel full of gas immediately following a meal. Any issues here will almost certainly mean we are recommending either Triple HCL or Optimized Enzymes, although which one will depend on your diet!

3. Learning about your stool consistency!

Not the most pleasant of topics, but obviously an important indicator of your gut health. Very hard stools certainly overlaps with the constipation symptom in the sense that Move is an obvious recommendation for you. For watery or soft stools it's likely that a boost of fibre might help and we'll recommend our Daily Healthy Bowel product.

4.  How many portions of fruit and veg do you consume each day?

I think we all know that eating plenty of fruit and veg is great for your overall health (gut health certainly included!). Knowing this just helps us tailor the recommendations a little better for you.

5. Which diet do you follow.

Obviously there are hundreds of different diets so we're often asked why we specifically ask about "The Carnivore Diet" and "Keto / Paleo". This is because these are diets that are high in meat, protein or fat. In which case we tend to recommend the use of Triple HCL to ensure you have strong stomach acid (HCL) to help with digestion (even if you're not flagging other symptoms).

It's really important that we know if you are a vegan or a vegetarian because Triple HCL is not suitable for this diet. In which case (depending on any symptoms you have flagged) we would be recommending Optimized Enzymes as an alternative. 

Remember to get advice too!

The quiz is a great way to get some initial, bespoke advice for your gut health. But it's hard to develop a tool that will be 100% accurate, and everyone's gut health journey can be very unique. For some people REZCUE alone will really help with heartburn & indigestion. For others, if they are specifically struggling with weak stomach acid, the combination of REZCUE and Triple HCL (if they are not vegan or vegetarian!) will be the solution.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us and we'll do our best to help. For more information on how to take our products, both on their own and in combination with others, there is lots more information in our Product Guide

It's also a good idea to consult your local healthcare professional for advice when starting any new supplement routine. 

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