Frequently Asked Questions about Move

Frequently Asked Questions about Move

In this article we ask THERA Nordic founder and renowned supplement formulator, Joni Laiho, some of the most commonly asked questions about our gut health product Move

Are there scientific studies that show the benefits of taking Move?

It is generally recognized in science that magnesium oxide and hydroxide increase the intraluminal volume (the volume of feces in the intestine) and make it easier for the stool to move forward.

Rhubarb on the other hand has been used for millenia in traditional medicine to help healthy bowel movements. Rhubarb extract increases the natural mucus secretion of the intestines, but also stimulates the muscles of intestinal wall to contract and move the contents forward.

Can I take Move if I have a stomach ulcer?

Yes. Move is safe to use with stomach ulcer.

When should I not to take Move?

Do not take any type of laxative if you have signs of appendicitis or inflamed bowel (such as stomach or lower abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, soreness, nausea, or vomiting), or if you have intestinal obstruction that blocks normal function.

Can I use Move continuously or do I need to have breaks between doses?

As with all laxative products, they should not be used continuously – otherwise your gut will get used to them and not function properly without them.

We recommend that once you have established your dose (1-4 capsules / day), do not exceed two weeks of continuous use. If you use the product for two weeks, take at least two weeks off before continuing.

For continuous use we recommend a daily fibre blend of 20 grams, for example ground flax seeds.

Are there any known side effects of taking Move?

All ingredients in Move are well tolerated. If you take too much, you might develop diarrhoea, but it will subside when you discontinue use.

Can I take Move alongside other medication I am using?

You will need to consult your doctor as it is possible that Move may have contradicting effects with your medication. 

Can I take other supplements while using Move?

Yes, you can use all supplements alongside Move. 

Can I use Move while pregnant or when breastfeeding? 

We advise not to use Move when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Can I give Move to my children?

Although there could be benefits, we recommend that you consult a qualified healthcare professional before administering any supplements to children.

Can I give Move to my pets?

Move may not be safe to pets since dogs and cats may not tolerate Rhubarb.

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