Frequently Asked Questions about Triple HCL

Frequently Asked Questions about Triple HCL

In this article we ask THERA Nordic founder and renowned supplement formulator, Joni Laiho, some of the most commonly asked questions about our gut health product Triple HCL

Are there scientific studies that show the benefits of taking Triple HCL?

The stomach needs to be a very acidic environment in order to absorb proteins and other nutrients and kill harmful bacteria. The level of gastric acid declines as we age, or due to illness or chronic stress.

There are studies showing that Betaine HCL is an effective and well-tolerated method of bringing the acidity of stomach down to the effective level. Added pepsin enzyme reinforces our own pepsin in breaking down proteins.

In Triple HCL there is also Yellow Gentian extract, which is is much more on the traditional side and has 3000 years of history in use as a digestive aid. Our digestive tract has receptors located throughout which are stimulated by bitter tasting herbs. This stimulates the excretion of bile acids for better digestion. 

Can I take Triple HCL if I have a stomach ulcer?

No, you can’t take Triple HCL if you have a stomach ulcer.

Are there any known side effects of taking Triple HCL? 

When following the suggested usage (1-2 capsules per meal) there are no side effects.

Can I take Triple HCL alongside other medication I am using?

You will need to consult your doctor as it is possible that Triple HCL may have contradicting effects with your medication.

Can I take other HCL supplements while using Triple HCL?

You should not use more than one HCL supplement at the same time.

Can I use Triple HCL continuously or do I need to have breaks between doses?

The product can be consumed safely on a continual basis.

Can I use Triple HCL while pregnant or when breastfeeding?

There isn't enough reliable information to know if betaine hydrochloride is safe to use when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Can I give Triple HCL to my children?

Triple HCL is intended for adults only. 

Can I give Triple HCL to my pets?

No, you cannot give Triple HCL to pets.


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