Why Zinc L-Carnosine should be combined with L-Glutamine for the best possible effects

Why Zinc L-Carnosine should be combined with L-Glutamine for the best possible effects

Although commonly sold on its own, Zinc Carnosine is far more effective for gut health when combined with L-Glutamine. In this article we’ll look at both of these supplements and why they work so well in synergy.  

Zinc L-Carnosine

Zinc L-Carnosine (often abbreviated to Zinc Carnosine) is a popular supplement for gut health due to the way it naturally binds to inflamed areas in the mucosal tissue. Inflammation can be found anywhere in the GI tract; the mouth, throat, oesophagus, stomach or the intestine.

On its own, Zinc is a well-known mineral for soothing inflammation and is found in both topical zinc creams and ingested in other supplement forms. As a cream you can apply the zinc exactly where you want it. However, when it’s ingested and absorbed into the body it’s much harder to target the inflammation. In fact, Zinc on its own is simply distributed to all of the cells of the body.

That’s where the Zinc combined with Carnosine comes in. It naturally binds to any inflamed area that it encounters and stays there, just like a cream would, protecting and soothing the inflamed area. This is why we commonly think of Zinc Carnosine as a “gut plaster”, and is so effective due to this ability to target the inflammation.

Synergy with L-Glutamine

Most products on the market today do not get the full benefits of Zinc Carnosine. Our unique formula combines the Zinc Carnosine with L-Glutamine to provide further benefits when it comes to repairing and improving your gut health.

L-Glutamine is an amino acid that our own gut cells use as food. In fact our intestine relies on l-glutamine for making new gut cells, keeping the gut junctions tight (which protects from leaky gut) and further suppressing inflammation in the gut lining.

So, both Zinc Carnosine and L-Glutamine are incredibly useful for gut health by themselves. But when they are taken together and dissolved in water, they become even more powerful. As a combination they are very fast acting, starting their job in the mouth and, as the drink travels through the digestive tract, lubricating and soothing the entire mucosal membrane on its way.

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This video includes more information on how Zinc Carnosine and L-Glutamine work together to restore and protect the gut:


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